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Environment Awareness

The society is keeping deep concern to bring a sustainable development it means green programme, which can be defined as a process by which the natural resources are judiciously put to use so as to improve the quality of life as well as the living standards. This can be brought about in a sustained manner by ensuring healthier environment. During the year under report the society has conducted many environment related programme of green and clean project,  which includes the programs of community forestry, campaign against degeneration of village forest, awareness and education .

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Health Camp Programme

The Community Health Programme in Jeypore slum and podagada community is run in a self-reliant manner through the linkages established with different hospitals and institutions. The CHC and PHC doctor has diagnosed and free precaution with free medicine distribution among the 255 beneficiaries from kathapada and dasmantapur area. The Comprehensive Health Care Project supported by organisation member donation provided regular health check-ups and quarterly ENT check-ups for 50 children in non-formal education centre (Awanganbadi) at kenduguda and umeri locations.

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Women Empowerment

TPWWO has given special attention on the development of women in its operational area to curb the dependency syndrome of women. Regular meetings & training programmes are being organized to educate them about their health, education, rights, duties and legal matters concerning their problems. The Foundation is operating programs of education on development initiatives, social justice and civil defense, vocational education and entrepreneurship development, career counseling and other support services. The foundation is working to promote research, development and adoption of technology

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